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  Stock Usage

All of the photographs at this site, in addition to an extensive stock collection, are available to license for stock usage in commercial advertising.

Model Release - all people who appear in Larry Prosor Photos are model released.

Email for information or use our 'request for stock usage fee' form.

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  Lake Tahoe : A Photo Essay

Larry Prosor has photographed high adventure and exciting sports in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, yet Lake Tahoe remains one of his favorite places to photograph.

Larry has been photographing the Tahoe area since 1975. His photographs have appeared in Outdoor Photographer, Sports Illustrated, SKI and Powder magazines, as well as many others. His calendars, posters and post cards, available throughout the local area, are reminders of the beautiful seasons and enjoyable activities that attract many to the Lake Tahoe area.

Lake Tahoe : A Photo Essay
By Larry Prosor
Larry Prosor's book has long been a favourite and is one of our all-time bestselling Lake Tahoe coffee table books. Larry Prosor is the "original" color photo chronicler of Tahoe's multifaceted beauty. If it isn't in your Tahoe memorabilia collection, your collection isn't yet complete.
(Reno-Tahoe Specialty publisher, $29.99)
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  Endless Nevada : A Photo Essay

Endless Nevada : A Photo Essay
By Larry Prosor
In several decades of travel throughout Nevada, I have explored its deserts, mountains cities, and small towns and have met the independent, resilient people who live here. Even with the diversity of livelihood -- from rancher to casino owner to small-business owner to government worker -- I've found most share a genuine pride in the state and a passion for wide open spaces.

This vast expanse can be a harsh environment with extremes in temperature and terrain. But, throughout Nevada, I have found some of natures' finest work. Some of these wonders are breathtaking, while others simply make me feel at peace with the world.

Some of these oases for the soul and eyes are not always visible to those passing over Nevada at 35,000 feet or driving through on an interstate at 65 miles per hour. Perhaps that is why Nevada is perceived by some as a wasteland to be exploited for digging and dumping.

It is my hope that this book will show that Nevada is a serene, sometimes primitive land with precious natural settings that should be preserved for the enjoyment of our children and their children.

Nevada is one of my favorite places. Let's hope that we learn to manage this unique environment in a way ensuring future generations will be able to enjoy it as I have.

-- Larry Prosor

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